Saturday, October 30, 2010


Filler Post:


As i was browsing on the net I found this video.I was shocked
to see a snake as big as this.
It seems to be like in those anacondas movies.
so creepy. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Featured Actor of the Month (October 2o10):Drew Barrymore

Featured Actor of the Month 

(October 2o10)

Drew Blyth Barrymore
February 22, 1975
Culver City, California, USA

A famous actress,producer,and director who is said to 
be one of the highest paid actresses in US.
She first appeared at the age of 5 in the movie altered states 
back in 1980.And soon had her breakout role in the successful 
SciFi movie Extra Terrestrial (E.T.).

She also played as one of the Charlie's Angels and she soon established
herself in making romanatic-comedy movies like
The wedding singer,lucky you, 5o first date Music and Lyrics
and many more.

She already won 27 awards including 1 Golden Globe,
2 People's Choice and 1 Screen Actors Guild Award.
She also received 44 nominations including 2 Emmys,
2 Golden Globes And a whole lot more.

According to Wikipedia We will be seeing her after
her latest movie "Going to Distance" at
"Everybody Loves Whales which is scheduled
in the year 2o12.

Reference: Wikipedia

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Filler Post; A FAREWELL

Filler post:

One of the saddest night of my life.My best friend died due to poison just this early morning
perhaps around 6:30 am.
His name is Adrianne Leoncio the best friend that I had and 
probably, the only one  I will have.
He died at an early age of 19.He died due to poisoning.
what's worst is that ,everything happened wasn't an accident but a suicide.
Just this recent weeks he and his girl friend for almost three years
(2 years and 11 months to be exact)quarrel that resulted their break up.
he really loves the girl so much and I  witness as their relationship grow.
Adrianne was really weak in terms of problem handling
he is quite suicidal ever since I met him as a proof to that are the wounds on his arms that is resulted by continuously hurting himself.
But I never thought that it will all end up like this.
I wasn't able attend to his invitations to go out this last week
because my little brother was sick.
Afternoon of October 20 he text-ed me and our other friends
to go to their house to play some games and to chill out.
But I was out with my brother so I can't go there.
Marlon along with Apol and Jm three of our closest friends went 
to Adrianne's house.Finding out that he intake
two packs of a small firecrackers called WATUSI.
they found him at his room vomiting so they informed Aid's parents about that.
Aid was rushed to a private hospital there is where I went to check out my best friend.But the said hospital doesn't have any toxicologist
a doctor specialize in poison cases so they referred us to go  on a public hospital in manila name PGH Philippine General Hospital.
which has this really disgusting service.
But we have no choice Adrianne needs first aid.
He intake the poison by 3 pm my friend found out about that by
5pm he was sent in the private hospital until 7pm he was rushed to
PGH at exactly 8pm .
The nurses to some tests,put on dextrose and a tube from his nose directly going
to his stomach its for him to intake medicine said by the doctor.
But the said process was so painful and he cant breath that much.
Its so hard too see as he was in pain at that time.
He take out the tube forcefully and never wanted to put it back but we are eager to still have it done first for
its was the only way for him to get cured.
its 4 am in the morning difficulty on breathing was occurring and some
mild numbness on Adrianne's body.
which is said by the doctor a normal reaction on the first medicine they pour on the tube.
We got a room and aid is ready for transfer from the E.R. to his room.
He sat on the wheel chair.On the elevator he was facing the wall at our back because there's another 
patient on board.
As we reached the 6th floor where his room was and as we drives his wheelchair  he looks so different and was unconscious it alarmed us.
the doctors rushed to do somethings on him.
But unfortunately his young body gives up.
He died at exactly 6:30 am.
Everyone started crying.but the most touching is to see his girlfriend
still hoping that Aid was alive.
She talks to him as if it would response.
saying"honey wake Up we're gonna marry right? honey please i love you don't go don't leave me"
Now Adrianne wake is all set  up .
I actually came from there.
It all sink in on me as I see him lying on his coffin.
and I couldn't stop crying

hays  it's hard lose a good friend like him.
I will surely miss him.

Martin Nievera - F...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Trivia: Most Expensive Liquor

Most expensive Liquor

Alcohol drinks gives us a certain high.
It makes us forget some problems 
even for a while.
But there a liquor brand which can
make you be bothered even more.
For this liquor brand got an unbelievable
The liquor brand name is Diva Vodka.
Diva Vodka has a price ranges from
$450,000 to $1,000,000 per bottle.
Its price was expensive because the 
bottle was made with Swarovski crystal
and Diamonds.Diamonds help in filtering
the liquor.

Friday, October 15, 2010

News: GoodbYe Oprah

Goodbye Oprah

After 25 successful seasons Oprah finally
closed it's curtains and said goodbye to its
millions of followers.
The phenomenal award wining talk show runs for years.
It inspire and touch lives of people all across the globe.

And on its farewell they will bring the show at the
land down under,Australia.
Along with 300 lucky studio audience which is
just for free.

People will surely miss this amazing show.
But, goodbyes are not forever.
Who knows we will be seeing Oprah on
new and better shows.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Featured Movie of the Month October 2o10: RESIDENT EVIL

Featured Movie of the Month
(October 2o10)

Resident Evil

A horror-SciFi-zombie movie series directed by several directors
derived on a famous Capcom game.
the movie was first released in the year 2002
The critics were shock to see the film was lead by
a character does not appear on the real game.
A character named Alice played my Milla Jovovich.
Alice was a former security officer of Umbrella corporation and
is infected by a virus named T-virus.
T-virus is a chemical that can transform a being into a
flesh-eating zombies.But the mutation occur in Alice was
different for it gives her psychic powers instead of being
a zombie.
The story goes on as the said virus spreads around
the world and as the human race being extinct.
The story is still on run for the T-virus and the zombie
crisis wasn't resolved yet.
Alice along with other survivors and those characters
belongs to the game such as
Claire Redfield and brother Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine 
continue on their journey as they struggle for

So far the first movie produced 3 more sequels such as
Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Resident Evil: Extinction and
the latest that comes in 3D Resident Evil: After Life.

The movie gains a total gross of $102,441,078 from a budget
of $33,000,000 which just shows how the movie hits.

Saturday, October 9, 2010




How sweet to receive a message saying "I love you"?. 
In may 4, 2000 and in less than 6 hours
a virus struck hundreds, of thousands of computer in Asia,
Europe, and United States. this virus was called
" I LOVE YOU" virus.
It spreads through e-mail attachments.
Users who were infected received a message says "I love you".
Once the attachment was opened the computer would
generate e-mails to everyone on the address book.
It was reported that this virus caused an estimate $5.5 to
8.7 billion damages.This virus was created by a Filipino,
Reomel Lamores, also known as Spyder.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Article, Life is Ironic

Life is Ironic

I was listening on the radio yesterday and they played 
"IRONIC" a song by Alanis Moressette.
I just like the message of the song it makes
me realize that we truly live in an ironic world
and life just has full of surprises to offer.
But I still believed that everything happens for
a reason and god has better plans
for each one of us

Sunday, October 3, 2010




Its a fact that we all needs enough sleep everyday.
But sleeping excessively was kinda creepy for me.

Some young girls dream of becoming a fairytale princess.
But for a 15-year-old Louisa Ball, this is not a just a
childhood dream.She literally slept for almost two weeks
and became a real life sleeping beauty.

This young girl from United Kingdom is said to be suffering
on a rare disorder called Kleine-Levin syndrome.
Kleine-Levin syndrome which they also call
the Sleeping Beauty disease, is characterize by recurring
but reversible periods of excessive sleep.
The sleeping episode usually last for a few days to a few weeks

Friday, October 1, 2010

Featured Music Artist of the Month

Featured Music Artist of the Month
(October 2o10)


Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
 (born March 28, 1986)

Genre: Pop, dance
Singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer.
One of the most unique artist of all time.
This american pop singer was known for her out of the box and quirky
dresses and accessories.

She popularize the songs "Just Dance"
"Poker Face" "Bad romance" 
"Alejandro" "Paparazzi"
and a whole lot more.

This hits makes her one of the most sucessful artist

She had won 63 awards and also gained 144 nominations
including 2 Grammy awards won and 4 nominations
4 American Music Awards nominations
a Billboard award won.
and several awards and nominations at
MTV awards,Teen Choice awards,BRIT awards
and many other prestigious award giving bodies.


FAME                            - 2008
The FAME MONSTER    - 2009
The REMIX                     - 2010

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