Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trivia: Alice in Wonderland Syndrome


Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

I guess we are all familiar with the popular fairytale,Alice in Wonderland.
In fact just recently it had a new hit movie.
But don't you know that the same title is also used in a 
neurological disorder?.Alice in Wonderland Syndrome(AWS)
is where a person infected cannot differentiate reality
from imaginary.For example a person with AWS
will see a little mice as big as him/her.Objects around
them appear to be growing or shrinking or in other
words they have an acute visual disorder
and they lose their sense of reality. 

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Featured Music Artist of the Month (December 2o10) Avril Lavigne

Featured Music Artist of the Month
December 2o10
 Avril Lavigne

Avril Ramona Lavigne
( born  September 27, 1984) 
A Canadian singer-songwriter, fashion designer, actress and philanthropist.
genre:Pop Rock/punk
Known for her punk/rock looks and haled as the Rock Princess.
Her songs such as Girl Friend,St8r boy,Complicated,When Your Gone 
and many more surely had been great hits.
she started recoding albums at the age of 16.

She had won 86 awards and gained nominations from different 
prestigious award giving bodies for 85 times.

Awards including 5 teen choice awards and 6 world music awards won.
And nominations including 8 Grammy and 5 Brits awards.
She had 3 hits albums such as

  • Let Go                            (2002)
  • Under My Skin              (2004)
  • The Best Damn Thing  (2007)
And an upcoming album next year
  • Goodbye Lullaby          (2011)

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Friday, December 3, 2010

News: Encantadia the Saga continues


Encantadia the Saga continues

Encantadia a GMA Fantasy series.One of the 
most successful tv fantasy drama in the history
of Philippine television.
 the four sangres of lireo

It's a story about 4 fairy/warrior princesses so called Sangres and 
a magical gem that is divided into four.
Each gem contains elemental powers such as air,
water,fire and earth.

Encantadia is a magical world compose of four kingdoms
such as Lireo, Hatoria, Adamia and Saphiro.
The story goes on as the characters desire for power.
And the rivalry goes stronger even among
the 4 sangres.

The show produce a prequel entitled Etheria which is
the lost kingdom of Encantadia.
After this,the management produced another season of Encantadia 
which ended the story.

But now, the GMA network reveals that they will be
releasing a new season of this successful local tv series.
There are rumors saying that it will be released 
 early 2011.

I'm just so excited about this!.

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