Friday, December 3, 2010

News: Encantadia the Saga continues


Encantadia the Saga continues

Encantadia a GMA Fantasy series.One of the 
most successful tv fantasy drama in the history
of Philippine television.
 the four sangres of lireo

It's a story about 4 fairy/warrior princesses so called Sangres and 
a magical gem that is divided into four.
Each gem contains elemental powers such as air,
water,fire and earth.

Encantadia is a magical world compose of four kingdoms
such as Lireo, Hatoria, Adamia and Saphiro.
The story goes on as the characters desire for power.
And the rivalry goes stronger even among
the 4 sangres.

The show produce a prequel entitled Etheria which is
the lost kingdom of Encantadia.
After this,the management produced another season of Encantadia 
which ended the story.

But now, the GMA network reveals that they will be
releasing a new season of this successful local tv series.
There are rumors saying that it will be released 
 early 2011.

I'm just so excited about this!.

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MOKS™ said...

Waaah hindi ko pinapanood yan, sensya na ha...teka sino kapalit ni Karyll? Hehehe nakita ko kasi sa poster sya...

[SK] said...

oh, is this kind of games that you've been playing??

[SK] said...

i'm really not into computer games at all, especially this type of character based games..

[SK] said...

i can only play those simple and "childish" games that doesn't need a lot of thinking, hahahaha!! :D

[SK] said...

happy blogging and have a good day.. :)

bluedreamer27 said...

@ SK ... no Sk that's not a game... thats a television fantasy series hehe

By the way PP
I am a big fan of this show... I just love their creative production and amazing storyline...
It's very incomparable to all GMA's fantaserye... very superb!!

Sad to say Karylle is now a telent of ABS CBN, Diana quit showbiz, Sunshine is now pregnant, and Iza is the only one active!

I wonder how will the story continues here

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc, said...

tuloy ba to.. i thought di na to matutuloy for some character reason :D

Alice Law said...

Mythical story?! Sound intresting... just wonder will it release in my country!:)

MinnieRunner said...

Natuloy ba ito? Gusto ko dito si Karyle, sayang nasa 2 na siya.