Monday, November 29, 2010

Trivia: Security Bot


Security Bot

Rising crime rates is really alarming.It is a huge threat
on our security.That's why police men must do their
best to keep us guarded.
But now police wasn't the only one that can do
such heroic thing.The prototype T-34 robot is a small
robot that is made for security purposes.It can trap intruders
in a flash, It moves up to 10km/hr and it is guided
by a human controller with a real time video link
to a security center or even cellphones.It is
equipped with sensors that can detect movements
by means of change in temperatures due to body heat.
It can also pick up faint sounds

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Opnion: Charice Pempengco and Justin Bieber on a Single?


Charice Pempengco and Justin Bieber on a Single?

Nowadays our society keeps growing and opening new and
exciting things to  us.
Well we must admit that we live in a world dominated
by adults.But still I believe that this new and younger
generation got a shot to prove ourselves and be someone
in spite of youthful minds.Just like this boy who just started
to be seen on Youtube.The boy that captivates a lot of people
with his charm and talents, it's Justin Bieber.
He was now so famous and everyone seems to love him.
But just like J.B. there's also this young girl who added
new flavor on the latest season of hit comedy-musical Tv
show, Glee.It's Charice Pempengco a Filipina teenager
who is as well discovered on Youtube and guested on a lot
of huge shows like Oprah and Ellen.And the first Asian
singer who had reached the top billboard chart in US.
This two adorable youth really got something.

But have you ever wonder seeing them together?
on a single perhaps?, well I just wish that to happen.
Two new teens idolize by many, doing great projects.
It inspire me. 

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Filler Post: Who Is POOR PRINCE?

Filler Post:


Well,This blog is running for 3 months already but still
You all know me as Mr.Poor Prince, just that right?
 so I think its time for me to introduce myself a bit.

20 years old guy from Cavite City ,Philippines.
5'8" in height and more or less 110 lbs in weight.
I have fair complexion, black "EMO" hair ,
black colored eyes, and a thin body.
I'm second to the oldest among my 3 siblings.

hmmm, Well what else I could say,
RED is my favorite color,
Spaghetti is my favorite Food,
my hobby is to DRAW

Blogging and gaming(DOTA-Defense Of The Ancient)
is my hobby.
I am  also Active in Facebook and Twitter.
hmmm, This blog wasn't really my first .I had blogs before
such as "Hall of Fame" and "In my Mind".
But I find blogging Boring beFore.

Well if you know Blue Dreamer of Blue Dreamer's TOP FIVE,
he is actually my cousin and the one who encouraged me to blog again. Well, he's always like that, motivating other bloggers online.... hehe

hmmm I like people who is:
-Joker yet not annoying

Well what do I hate the most with a person
-Too Noisy

hmmm I don't know what else to say
if you still have questions you can ask me
through comments.

I would also want to take this opportunity to thank you all,
for the wonderful support you've been giving me
I really do appreciate that.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Trivia: If I Were a Boy Said by the Blue Groper


If I Were a Boy Said by the Blue Groper

Nowadays homosexuality is widening all across the globe.
And most of them wishes to change genders.
Well they might get jealous on this fish named Blue Groper
It was a friendly fish mostly found in Australia.
The fish starts off as a female as an old male dies the
largest and most dominant females will turn blue and
became males.This is why for this kind of fish
sex ratio does not varies.It is believed that they change
genders to keep balance. 

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Featured Movie of the Month(November-2o10)Chucky(Child's Play)

Featured Movie of the Month

CHUCKY (Child's Play)

A successful American suspense -horror film created by Don Mancini.
the movies is all about a doll serial killer named Chucky.
Charles 'Chucky" Lee a serial killer and a voodoo practitioner who also known as 
The Lakeshore Strangler
was mortally  wounded due to gun shot by a detective named Mike Norris.

But before dying he successfully transferred his soul into a doll by means of a voodoo ritual.
But transferring his soul into a doll doesn't stop Chucky on doing what he used to do which is killing.

The story goes by as he seek for vengeance and as he search for a new mortal body to have
himself a new real life body once again.

 The movie was first released on the year 1988 and produces 
4 more successful installments in the following years.
Installment such as Child's Play I(1988)Child's Play II(1990)Child's Play III(1991)
Bride of Chucky(1998) ans lastly Seed of Chucky(2004).
The whole movies series gains a total gross of $176,042,376
from a total budget of $59,000,000.

Chucky had become an icon in horror film industry. 

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Opinion: Zoo Or UnZoo?

Zoo Or Un Zoo?
 Animals are creatures made by god.They were created
with mind that thinks and a heart that feels.
They are there helping us and keeping our world's
cycle of life.
But nowadays there's a huge threat in their lives.
Threat such as Us.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals 
(PETA), a group of advocates that helps in
protecting lives of this poor being.
They were against of animal killings. 

They also contradict capturing animals and
putting them on zoos.
They said that animals they must be set free
for must be on their natural

Well for me I'm still thinking of whats right.
To set them free and give their safety on their
own hands or to cage them and give them proper
caring yet were not sure if they were happy

Well how about you are you in favor
of zoos or not?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Featured Music Artist of the Month November 2o10-Frank Sinatra

Featured Music Artist of the Month 
November 2o10

Frank Sinatra
Francis Albert "Frank" Sinatra 
(December 12, 1915 – May 14, 1998)
Singer, Actor, Producer,Director, Conductor
Genre:Traditional pop, jazz, Swingbig band, vocal
A Award winning legendary American singer, actor and performer.
He immortalize hit singles with a total number of 297.

This includes most love songs such as"My Way"  "Blue Skies","Fly me to the moon",
"Strangers in the Night" and some Christmas songs like
"Let it Snow","Santa Claus is coming to Town"
and a whole lot more.

He received 91 awards(33 won and 58 nomination)
including 4 life time achievement awards from Grammy,American Cinema awards 
palm springs international film festival and 
Screen Actor Guild Awards.
He also received a Legend award and 11 more awards and 21 nominations from Grammy.
He is given a Peabody Award, 4 golden globes,4 golden apple
and many more awards from prestigious award giving bodies
in movie,television and of course in music industry.

He has a total of 99 albums released world wide.
Albums like Duets1 and 2, Strangers in the night, A Man and His Music and many more.
16 of them reached gold, 7 reached Platinum  including one 2times platinum and
a 3 times platinum.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Filler post: All Saints Day

Filler Post:

I had fun being with my cousin and other relatives this last Monday.
We went at the cemetery here in Cavite (unfortunately i have no pictures because my 
I was having my camera fixed)
and we offer prayers for my grand parents.
(catholic traditions)
Its sad because my grandmother who lives with us just died last
June 16th.but still we're happy because we know she's with my grandfather in
god's kingdom,Heaven.After going this me and my
other friends went to Adrianne's tomb(A friend of mine who died last October 21st and
 the one that I was talking about on my recent post "A FAREWELL")
 well of course we are still
in tears.It is sad to lost a friend like him.  

Well before I become emotional
lets go at the brighter side of the stories.
All saints day is really special I remember back when me my siblings and
cousins always get together.
We used to play melted candles(which is offer to those who passed away)
and mold it into a candle ball.
We also listen to our parents and aunt's scary stories.

But above all, the true meaning of this day
is remembering those people that we love who passed away
and thanking them for the greatest things that had brought into our lives.

May all souls finds their way to light and to god's haven.