Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Article, Friendship Over Love

Friendship Over Love

Have you ever fell in love with your friend???
Well unfortunately I did.
I fell in love with her without knowing.
At first I was in denial even to myself but as we
go along, as we spend time together as our
friendship grows stronger the deeper I fall in love.

The situation itself was tough already but you know
what's hurts? she was committed to a guy way to
far better than me, and what even worst is that
whenever there's trouble or problem with their
relationship she always seek comfort and advice
to me with out her knowing that I was hurting
deep inside.It feels like your heart is being

But years passed and they broke up and it makes
me think to court her and confess my feelings once
and for all.But before saying a word I realize one thing.
That if I do this it may change our relationship forever.
That I might lose her.And I don't want that to
happen.Thats why I decided that we just have to
stay friends.
For friendship sometimes last even longer.


[SK] said...

sometimes you might be confused between close friendship and love..

[SK] said...

and there always some kind of people that it's better to be friends than lovers..

[SK] said...

glad that you're still in a strong friendship with her, and i guess she will always be an important person in your life :)

poorprince said...

@ [sk] yeah she sure did
well but there are times i still wonder if i confess my feelings on her

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Hmmm...you are in a tricky situation my friend.

Before doing any action, you must evaluate everything. Make sure that what you are feeling is love. Like what SK said, maybe you are just confused.

If you are sure then I guess you can tell her. Also evaluate your relationship with her. Maybe she also loves you and she is also feeling the same fear as you do.

poorprince said...

@ ishamel well said dude thanks

MinnieRunner said...

Hmmmm... Seems like your situation is that hard. But yes, sometimes it is better to treasure your friendship over your romantic feelings. May God Bless your friendship with her. Friendships are meant to last forever.