Thursday, September 16, 2010

a black spot

"a black spot"

In life we do a lot of good deeds, do things for the better of others.
But what's sad? it's when you commit a mistake that will make
all this good things you've done forgotten.
It's like a black spot on a white sheet of paper.
no matter how white or clean the paper was, the black spot will be the
one to stand out.Buts that's a sad reality we just have to face.
But still remember a mistake wont define a person and always
seek good to others.


[SK] said...

hmm, i kind of agree with your statement here.. most of the time, it's just that little flaw that affect how people perceive us..

[SK] said...

but then again, it also depend on how someone sees things - do they see things in general overall, or always go into details trying to find fault..

[SK] said...

i guess for somebody successful, it's macro and not micro..

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

I definitely agree with you here. I experienced this thing for so many times. After all the good things that you did, just one little mistake is enough for many people to define you as a shrewd evil person.

I guess that is human nature. We always look on the bad aspect first before considering the good parts.

Thank you for always visiting my site. ^_^

I will be dropping by here often also.

poorprince said...

@ [sk] thanks for your wonderful comment i appreciate it

poorprince said...

@ ishmael thanks to you too dude nice pic by the way thats my favorite anime actually