Monday, September 13, 2010



It's really nice to always be with somebody you love.
For it may inspire even more.
But sometimes there would come a time that you
and the one you love may be apart.
Its quite sad, but you know what's good
on it??
As they say absence makes the heart
grow fonder.
And in love, distance is why
is thought.


[SK] said...

i think it's good to be apart for a short period with your closed one.. this will enhance your relationship more when you're back together.. :)

[SK] said...

as when you're apart, you understand more how dependent you are to each other, and will not take for granted some little things that you might have done all the while.. :)

poorprince said...

@ [sk] well said my friend

Faisal Admar said...

the feeling i use to have :)

poorprince said...

@ faisal hehehehe well thats life buddy

MinnieRunner said...

I guess distance is inevitable in a relationship. Every individual needs it to grow. :)

poorprince said...

@ minnie it's surely is my dear

anney said...

Distance is not a hindrance for those people who are truly in love.

poorprince said...

@ anney how nice to be inlove