Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Featured Movie of the Month October 2o10: RESIDENT EVIL

Featured Movie of the Month
(October 2o10)

Resident Evil

A horror-SciFi-zombie movie series directed by several directors
derived on a famous Capcom game.
the movie was first released in the year 2002
The critics were shock to see the film was lead by
a character does not appear on the real game.
A character named Alice played my Milla Jovovich.
Alice was a former security officer of Umbrella corporation and
is infected by a virus named T-virus.
T-virus is a chemical that can transform a being into a
flesh-eating zombies.But the mutation occur in Alice was
different for it gives her psychic powers instead of being
a zombie.
The story goes on as the said virus spreads around
the world and as the human race being extinct.
The story is still on run for the T-virus and the zombie
crisis wasn't resolved yet.
Alice along with other survivors and those characters
belongs to the game such as
Claire Redfield and brother Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine 
continue on their journey as they struggle for

So far the first movie produced 3 more sequels such as
Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Resident Evil: Extinction and
the latest that comes in 3D Resident Evil: After Life.

The movie gains a total gross of $102,441,078 from a budget
of $33,000,000 which just shows how the movie hits.


MinnieRunner said...

Haven't watched the fourth installation yet. But I have to say that I'm disappointed with the third one. It's not that good.

anney said...

Di ko pa napapanood ang latest. natatandaan ko i tried to play the game sa playstation dati pero hirap na hirap ako. lol!

anney said...

have a great week too!

Faisal Admar said...

i never play this game or watch the movie. any good?

if yes, i think i need to watch from the beginning.

foongpc said...

I like Milla Jovovich! She's cool just like Angelina Jolie! : D

[SK] said...

oh, so you are a movie fan?? and featuring a movie every month??

[SK] said...

i've watched RE3 last month, actually i've not watched the 1st two sequel, quite enjoy but a little violence i say, haha!! :D

[SK] said...

but i gotta say Milla Jovovich is just so cool~~ :)

[SK] said...

have a nice day and happy blogging dude~~ :)

bluedreamer27 said...

wow i am abig fan of the game and the film cheers for RE

Alice Law said...

My 3 brothers are the big fan of the game and I love the movie!^-^ Thanks for stopping by My Little Sprouts, please have a nice day!

Mokong™ said...

Matagal ko ng balak bumili ng movie na yan from part 1, kaso wala lang time. Next time pag nagawi ako ng quiapo, heheh bibili ko.

Follow kita pare, you have a great site...