Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Article, Life is Ironic

Life is Ironic

I was listening on the radio yesterday and they played 
"IRONIC" a song by Alanis Moressette.
I just like the message of the song it makes
me realize that we truly live in an ironic world
and life just has full of surprises to offer.
But I still believed that everything happens for
a reason and god has better plans
for each one of us


MinnieRunner said...

One thing's for sure, there's always a brighter side in every story :) God Bless! Hope you see the light in life's irony.

Bluedreamer said...

oh i love that song from alanis... and it is true... life is ironic indeed
have a great day and happy blogging dude

[SK] said...

yeah, for sure life is full of surprises, uncertainties and irony..

[SK] said...

just like Forrest Gump say, you'll never know what you'll get for life.. :)

[SK] said...

have a great weekend ahead dude.. :)

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Alanis is one great singer and she had many good songs that I included in my mp3 player

foongpc said...

I love this song and the lyrics! But I dun really like Alanis ironic! : D

Alice Law said...

Like the meaning of the song too!:)