Monday, October 25, 2010

Featured Actor of the Month (October 2o10):Drew Barrymore

Featured Actor of the Month 

(October 2o10)

Drew Blyth Barrymore
February 22, 1975
Culver City, California, USA

A famous actress,producer,and director who is said to 
be one of the highest paid actresses in US.
She first appeared at the age of 5 in the movie altered states 
back in 1980.And soon had her breakout role in the successful 
SciFi movie Extra Terrestrial (E.T.).

She also played as one of the Charlie's Angels and she soon established
herself in making romanatic-comedy movies like
The wedding singer,lucky you, 5o first date Music and Lyrics
and many more.

She already won 27 awards including 1 Golden Globe,
2 People's Choice and 1 Screen Actors Guild Award.
She also received 44 nominations including 2 Emmys,
2 Golden Globes And a whole lot more.

According to Wikipedia We will be seeing her after
her latest movie "Going to Distance" at
"Everybody Loves Whales which is scheduled
in the year 2o12.

Reference: Wikipedia


Mokong™ said...

Pinakagusto kong movie nya yung The Wedding Singer at 50 First Date... basta kasama nya si Adam Sandler patok sa akin...hehe

Merryn said...

I so love her in ET! Gosh.. i remember that BMX!

anney said...

Una ko nagustuhan si Drew dun sa fire starter movie!

anney said...

Ayan napapaghalatang matanda na at sobrang naaalala ko si Drew sa 1984 movie na yun. lol!

[SK] said...

yeah she was the ET girl, and i guess this is just a very prominent label on her..

[SK] said...

i still remember ET was the first few movie i watch in a cinema when i was a kid..

[SK] said...

my most recent Drew Barrymore movie was "Going The Distance", haha, i love that comedy, very funny and a nice watch too..

[SK] said...

have a nice day and happy blogging to you~~ :)

Twilight said...

Hey SK Thambee, you tipu nia. I know you prefer Aiswarya Rai... hah!

Twilight said...

She has been my favourite actress since her ET days. Did you know that she confessed for always communicating with her late Grandpa's spirit?

Faisal Admar said...

hehe i always think she is the ugliest actress in usa! haha.

mots said...

cute na cute si drew sa et. saka sa charlie's yeboy

Alice Law said...

She is hot and cute!!^-^ Wow... salute you, you really got her info in detail!

Have a great weekend!

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Wow! She is in ET?

I know her in the Charlie's Angels movie and I have also seen her in some of comedy-romantic movies.

Mariuca said...

Drew is one of my faves, love her, she's always so bubbly! :)

Monica said...

i like drew barrymore.. she's an awesome actress! :)

foongpc said...

I dun really like Drew Barrymore, but I guess she's quite a good actress! : )

HappySurfer said...

One of my favorites. Good info. Thanks.

Raynan said...

The Spielberg girl, she was once called, because she was a favorite of Steven Spielberg in many of his movies. Saw her movies when she was still a child at Firestarter and E.T., then began entering the sexy movies like Poison Ivy. She was gone from movie business a long time, before coming back with hits like the Wedding Singer and also began Directing. I like her movie version of Cinderella.