Saturday, October 9, 2010




How sweet to receive a message saying "I love you"?. 
In may 4, 2000 and in less than 6 hours
a virus struck hundreds, of thousands of computer in Asia,
Europe, and United States. this virus was called
" I LOVE YOU" virus.
It spreads through e-mail attachments.
Users who were infected received a message says "I love you".
Once the attachment was opened the computer would
generate e-mails to everyone on the address book.
It was reported that this virus caused an estimate $5.5 to
8.7 billion damages.This virus was created by a Filipino,
Reomel Lamores, also known as Spyder.


[SK] said...

so Reomel Lamores was actually trying to spread the love to the world??

[SK] said...

but i think this virus is not harmful at all.. it's just spreading love, hehe..

[SK] said...

anyway, you mentioned $5.5 to 8.7 billion damages?? wow, that's a huge one..

[SK] said...

what were the damages?? i actually don't recall that virus, maybe it's too long ago..

[SK] said...

happy blogging and have a great week ahead~~ :)

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

I remember this guy since he was a sensation here in the country ages ago.

The police and the NBI all tried to find him and he was found, he was turned over to the US Government. I couldn't undersatnd why did our government did that.

Anyways, that person (allegedly) is now working for US.

MinnieRunner said...

So before you open an email, make sure that it's not a virus :D

anney said...

Ay oo natatandaan ko to nagulat ako nung malaman ko na pinoy pala ang may kagagawan.

foongpc said...

Oh! So it's a Filipino that started this? Well, if I receive an email that says "I Love You" I will delete it straight away!! haha!

Alice Law said...

I heard about this I love you virus but didn't know it's created by a Filipino?!! Very informative post!