Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Filler post: All Saints Day

Filler Post:

I had fun being with my cousin and other relatives this last Monday.
We went at the cemetery here in Cavite (unfortunately i have no pictures because my 
I was having my camera fixed)
and we offer prayers for my grand parents.
(catholic traditions)
Its sad because my grandmother who lives with us just died last
June 16th.but still we're happy because we know she's with my grandfather in
god's kingdom,Heaven.After going this me and my
other friends went to Adrianne's tomb(A friend of mine who died last October 21st and
 the one that I was talking about on my recent post "A FAREWELL")
 well of course we are still
in tears.It is sad to lost a friend like him.  

Well before I become emotional
lets go at the brighter side of the stories.
All saints day is really special I remember back when me my siblings and
cousins always get together.
We used to play melted candles(which is offer to those who passed away)
and mold it into a candle ball.
We also listen to our parents and aunt's scary stories.

But above all, the true meaning of this day
is remembering those people that we love who passed away
and thanking them for the greatest things that had brought into our lives.

May all souls finds their way to light and to god's haven.


Mokong™ said...

Happy All Souls Day parekoy...

Twilight said...

I am glad to know that you have been strong to move on. From their passing, we learn to lead meaningful lives. I had also lost many friends to gory accidents as in my earlier blogs, so I understand the pain you faced.

[SK] said...

we don't really do anything much on this day, perhaps this is more of a christian event??

[SK] said...

for us buddists there is another day somewhere around easter for us to go to the cemetry to pay respect to ancestors..

[SK] said...

well, actually we shall not feel negative but always stay positive that those who has left us has actually gone to somewhere better..

[SK] said...

and another thing we must always trust is.. learn to appreciate people around us while they are still with us.. :)

[SK] said...

happy blogging and have a nice day~~ :)

Alice Law said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmama, people comes and goes... what most important is to hceerish the moment when they are still with us!:)

Have a pleasant All Saint Day!

Alice Law said...

Typo error: Cheerish ;p

Faisal Admar said...

it is very sad to lose a friend. i understand exactly your feeling, friend.

Merryn said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. It is always hard losing someone. Only time can help heal the pain..

Tine said...

hey how are you now? I hope you're feeling better about what happened to your bestfriend.

anyway... every year and ever since nagkamuang ako sa mundo... lagi akong naeexcite pag november 1 na. first reason... to meet family and relatives whom i only happen to see during that day. of course ung sangkatutak na pagkain pa... tsaka un nga nung bata ako nag-aagawan pa kaming magpipinsan sa kandilang ginagawa naming bola. :))

MinnieRunner said...

I'm glad you offered a prayer to for your departed love ones. That's something that most people forgot to do, not just on All Saints Day, but also everyday.

God Bless!

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

auww sorry to hear dat. :) dnt worry ur fren now at better place. :)

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

now i know how come never get update from u! havent put u inside my blogroll. n now put it dy! will visit always! :D

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

Have a great day! ;)