Sunday, November 7, 2010

Opinion: Zoo Or UnZoo?

Zoo Or Un Zoo?
 Animals are creatures made by god.They were created
with mind that thinks and a heart that feels.
They are there helping us and keeping our world's
cycle of life.
But nowadays there's a huge threat in their lives.
Threat such as Us.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals 
(PETA), a group of advocates that helps in
protecting lives of this poor being.
They were against of animal killings. 

They also contradict capturing animals and
putting them on zoos.
They said that animals they must be set free
for must be on their natural

Well for me I'm still thinking of whats right.
To set them free and give their safety on their
own hands or to cage them and give them proper
caring yet were not sure if they were happy

Well how about you are you in favor
of zoos or not?


Twilight said...

Of course I never supported zoos or even caging birds at home. Not until I visited the Zoos in US that I wished I was the lion there. They use natural boulders, streams and logs to fence them in natural huge sanctuary with good food always!

Xprosaic said...

Sometimes animals are more safe and nurtured at zoo rather than at wilds... Others even considered conservation area just to protect those animals from the wild and from humans...

Moks™ said...

dahil sa kahiligan ko sa hayop...parang ayoko nang kumain ng karne, tutal naman kumakain ako ng gulay...pero anu gagawin ko masarap kumain ng meat! hehe.

Merryn said...

Wow.. the pictures are very provocative! Unzoos.. but if you watch Madagascar, those animals in the zoos are having a blast! haha..

Alice Law said...

It depends, in order to protect some endanger species like giant panda, as the superior being we have to breed them and taking care of their welfare before setting them free again.

I'm not really against zoo, as it provides an eye widening experience for the younger generation, and give chances for them to study and inculcate their loves for wildlife. However, I despise those lack of maintanance zoo, where by the animals were trapped and look darn sad... make my heart sink!:(

Have a nice day!

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

oh gudness! i almost puke by just looking at those pictures. :S

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said... is on a case to case basis. There are animals that need to be placed in a protected environment. Of course not zoos. Most of the zoos are small and animals got bored there.

For injured animals and animals that are recuperating, the best is to place them inside a protected place until they are safe to return to the wild.

MinnieRunner said...

Well, naturally animals should be set free and allowed to live where they should be. But, those animals that are caged in the zoos are raised in such environment; thus, setting them free to another environment that they are not used too will only make them endanger their lives.

anney said...

Kung sa manila zoo ititira e naku pakawalan na lang. Nung nagpunta kami ng manila zoo e nadismaya ako sa kalagayan ng mga animals dun. may mga zoo naman na maganda ang pangangalaga nila at pagtrato sa animals kaya para sa akin e ok lang kasi mas naaasikaso ang pagkain nila at kung magkasakit e nagagamot agad.

bluedreamer27 said...

i strongly believe that you do not have to post naked like that just to express your thoughts upon protecting animal rights...
especially here in our country... i believe that celebrities are just making noise and give some colors on their names..

Tine said...

hmmmm.... tama. for me mas okay ung nasa zoo sila para may mag alaga lalo na kung may injury sila or something. kesa ung nasa kawalan... para kasing feeling ko mas mataas ung possiblity na mamatay kagad sila dahil nga ung mga environmental factors.

pero may nabasa akong comment sa taas na... kung sa manila zoo nga naman talaga sila ilalagay... lol. wag na nlng. parang walang pinagkaiba un. :p

mots said...

haha sa mga pics ako naaliw...


Richard said...

tsk - just for popularity. in my own opinion, may ibang paraan naman to show your concern for animals.

foongpc said...

I think animals can be placed in zoos provided the zoos are made in such an environment suitable for the animals!

foongpc said...

Definitely no animals should be placed in tight cages all day long! Such torture!